Where SAP meets SysOps


Our Technology helps SAP customers improve adoption, deployment and operation of SAP workloads on Amazon Web Services.


SAP Ready Systems

SAP Ready Systems are fresh installations of the most popular SAP Business Suite applications ready to be used. SAP Ready Systems are available through the AWS Marketplace.


Rocket Steam Console

The central management application from where SAP customers can launch automated deployments of SAP landscapes and schedule the availability of their systems.


Simple Storage Service for SAP

S3 for SAP is a custom SAP Add-on, compatible with SAP Netweaver based products that enables SAP systems to store and retrieve objects directly on Amazon Web Services Simple Storage Service in a secure, easy and cost effective way.


Elastic Sap

Scale in or Scale out SAP Application Servers automatically, based on business metrics. Elastic SAP ensures that SAP systems have the right capacity always.



Based on our own technology, the Abducer service delivers the tools and methodology to migrate SAP workloads to Amazon Web Services in a secure, reliable and effective manner.