Call to re:Invent 2014!

Call to re:Invent 2014!


Hi folks!

The last hours at Rocket Steam have been really exciting. We’ve just submitted our first set of AMIs to the AWS Marketplace. This is the first trigger of our go-live phase for our first wave of tools that will be premiered at re:Invent in just 4 weeks from today!

These days are very special for the team at Rocket Steam. Looking back from our first proof of concepts and initial drawings to all development and testing work we start to realize that our first stage is about to reach its goal.

At this stage, we will launch the following products to the marketplace.

  • Rocket Steam Console that serves as the central application for managing complete SAP landscapes on AWS
  • SAP Formation for automated deployment of SAP Landscapes
  • Elastic SAP for enabling AWS autoscaling for SAP Netweaver application server
  • Scheduler for managing the systems availability by automating the start and stop of instances
  • Simple Storage Service for SAP (S4) for storing SAP archived data and Business Documents on S3 and Glacier
  • SAP Ready AMIs that serve as base templates for installing SAP systems
  • Abducer service that eases the migration of SAP workloads from on-premise to AWS

For all companies running or considering running SAP workloads on AWS, we invite you to join us at re:Invent where we will show you how our tools can drastically reduce deployment and operation of SAP workloads on AWS.

Come and check Booth #1029 and get your Rocket Steam t-shirt!

See you!


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