Hello there!

We are glad to show you our Rocket Steam Console. It’s an application designed to centralize and simplify the management and deployment of all the Rocket Steam tools available in AWS.

Right now, it allows you to better classify your EC2 resources by applying ITIL-based information to its internal database (the CMDB application), makes it easy to schedule turning on and off instances for direct cost saving (the Scheduler application) and simplifies the deployment of SAP solutions into your Amazon Web Services  account (if you are an SAP customer with an active S account).

Installing the Console is easy. Just subscribe to the most recent AMI and launch the installation CloudFormation script referenced in the AWS marketplace

The script creates a t2.medium EC2 instance in the specified subnet and also the required IAM role and permissions to properly run SAPFormation, the Scheduler and the CMDB.

The following screenshots show you all the CloudFormation process

1. Specify the stack name and the CloudFormation script path.


2. Specify the parameters: SSH keypair to use, subnet and VPC.


3. Specify (if you wish) a tag or set of tags to apply to all the resources created.


4. Review all the parameters and hit Create.


After approximately 5 minutes, the stack will be deployed, and in the “Output” tab you will have your URL to access the Rocket-Steam Console.


Go to your nearest Internet browser and open the specified URL. The following screen will appear:


Now the Console is reading the information of your EC2 instances and putting it in its database for the first time:

Give it a few seconds, and you’ll be asked to create the first account, which is the administrator account, so think a good password for it:



Once the account is created, you are allowed to log in with your newly created credentials.


When you enter the Console, you will directly land at CMDB, where a list of ALL of your EC2 instances appears. When we say all, we mean all of them: in all regions and all availability zones.


The application selector allows you to switch the application you want to use and hide/show them to customize the Console according to your use.

The first step you should do is set up your Console, so click on the settings button and fill the following fields:

1. Fill the information required to receive email alerts, password recovery and so.


2. Specify your time zone. This is very important for the Scheduler application.


Now that your Console is setup, you’re ready to use it!

We will show you during the next weeks how to classify your resources exploring the CMDB ITIL-based management, how to start saving money thanks to the Scheduler and how to deploy SAP Landscapes easily with SAP Formation.

In future releases of the Console we’ll include new functionalities into the SAP Formation tool, which aims to act as a kind of OpsWorks for SAP. Those functionalities include seamless integration of Elastic SAP, HA for SAP, Abducer and many to come during 2015.

Meanwhile… did we say that the first month of usage comes free? Let us know if you have any question while trying our Console out!

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