What’s S4

What’s S4

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Rocket Steam’s S4 stands for “Simple Storage Service for SAP”.  It is a SaaS (Software as a Service) which enables the creation of a SAP repository to seamlessly store your archiving sessions as well as your business documents in the cloud.

Using S4 gives you these benefits:

  • S4 is based on an add-on which can be installed in any SAP system, without the need of additional servers.
  • Quickly available. You install and run S4 in just one hour.
  • Seamlessly use. You don’t need to acquire additional knowledge, you will be able use the standard archiving tools in the same way you are used to.
  • Test easily your archiving projects using development or quality systems. You don’t need to ask for any storage server.
  • Your data will be safe in S4. Take advantage of Amazon Web Services Compliance, meeting plenty of standards, regulations and best practises. Read http://aws.amazon.com/compliance/ for further information.
  • Security : data transfer done via https and data encryption done on SAP server before moving to AWS. Data can ONLY be read or retrieved by source SAP system.
  • Data persistence is guaranteed 99.999999999%.
  • Data availability is guaranteed 99.99%
  • No storage limits. Since the archiving sessions and business documents are stored in AWS S3 or Glacier, you don’t need to take care about space limitations.
  • Reduce your IT infrastructure. Forget about content servers and its related costs : purchase, licenses, maintenance, backups, power consumption, cooling, data center room,etc…
  • Pay as you go, pricing is based on the actual storage you use.


With S4 you can:

  • Manage your S4 content repositories (buckets)
  • Work with your archiving objects
  • Legal requirements for data location can be reached choosing Amazon region where buckets are stored. This is convenient to meet country regulations
  • Store/read/retrieve archiving sessions and business documents in AWS S3
  • Use your own SSL
  • On-the-fly compression and decompression
  • Storage encrypted on server side
  • Define AWS location S3 or Glacier, depending on data access requirements
  • Migrate your actual stored data to S4
  • Retrieve your data to your servers. Your data is own by you and you will always be free to move it back to your servers.


To run S4 you just do:

  • Register for the service.
  • Give internet HTTPS access to your SAP system
  • Install S4 add-on in your system
  • Install AWS certificates in STRUST
  • Activate the service
  • Create S4 repositories (buckets) and link them to your archiving objects or Business documents


On following S4 articles we’ll show you the architecture that runs the S4 SaaS and how you can install the required packages in your SAP system.

Any doubts? Don’t hesitate contacting us and ask for a preview access of the platform!

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