S4 Solution Architecture

S4 Solution Architecture

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In this article we will show you the architecture below S4.

Our S4 Archiving Solution for SAP has four software blocks, shown in orange colour. Each block is implemented in Object Oriented programming. Dependencies are based only in BASIS package, so the solution will run in every SAP system.


The Archive Link to S4 adapter maps Archive Link commands to AWS S3 commands, in this way Archive Link commands are seamlessly integrated with AWS S3.

The Bucket management block gives functionality which is beyond Archive Link commands.

AWS access tools perform bucket operations.

Activation code performs authentication, signing every AWS request.

Network traffic is HTTPS.

On-the-fly encrypting / decrypting and compression / decompression is performed in AWS access tools.



Entities and data model

S4 stores data in buckets. A Bucket is a logical entity which abstracts a physical storage location in Amazon Web Services S3.

A Content Repository is an SAP logical entity which abstracts a physical storage location.

An Archiving Object is an SAP logical entity which describes database objects that must be handled together as a single business object.

The following diagram shows the relationships between those entities:



As you see, the architecture and working principles are fairly simple.

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