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Agile management with the CMDB

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Hello! Nice to see you again! We hope that you are eager to try our Console if you have not put your hands on it yet!

We know that managing an IT infrastructure can become sometimes a hard task, which steals hours and resources, so we thought that we could give you a hand by providing an easy way to organize all your business information within just a few clicks and tabs. That’s what the CMDB application of the Rocket-Steam Console is for.

This application allows you to classify your AWS EC2 resources, complementing AWS information (like instance id, AMI id, size, status or network information) with your business logic data, such as the productive status, the project it belongs to, what software has been installed or who is responsible for managing that instance.

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First steps with the Rocket Steam Console

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Hello there!

We are glad to show you our Rocket Steam Console. It’s an application designed to centralize and simplify the management and deployment of all the Rocket Steam tools available in AWS.

Right now, it allows you to better classify your EC2 resources by applying ITIL-based information to its internal database (the CMDB application), makes it easy to schedule turning on and off instances for direct cost saving (the Scheduler application) and simplifies the deployment of SAP solutions into your Amazon Web Services  account (if you are an SAP customer with an active S account).

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