SAP Formation

Accelerates the deployment of SAP infrastructure from stand-alone servers to entire landscapes in just a few clicks.

Deploy SAP Business Suite Landscapes

You can deploy new SAP Business Suite landscape with a single system, dual system or triple system template.

Ready to run!

SAPFormation delivers ready-to-use systems including the most common post installation tasks: add languages, install license keys, create productive clients and run SGEN unattendedly.

So safe!

Leverage S3 as your backup repository and let SAPFormation do the work for you.

And… so flexible!

Deploy either in an existing VPC or create a brand-new one for your SAP resources.

Deploy complete SAP landscapes
within hours rather than weeks

How it works


Subscribe to the Rocket-Steam Console AMI



Launch the CloudFormation template for installation



Open the URL provided by the CloudFormation template and follow the instructions



Navigate to the SAPFormation tool and launch a wizard


Just a few clicks and that’s it!

Your SAP landscape is running and ready-to-use.

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