Is a tool within Rocket Steam Console that allows you to setup and manage schedules for consistent starting and stopping EC2 instances, helping customers to reduce costs.

Program a set of rules to turn on and off your EC2 instances

Shut down your development environments when they are not needed automatically. Leverage costs by keeping instances turned on only when they are needed.

Shut down your EC2 instances in an application-aware way

Avoid using the power off function and let the Rocket Steam Scheduler launch a script that will stop all your business applications before shutting down EC2 instances, so your RDBMS and Business Applications remain consistent.

Keep track graphically of your instance availability through the calendar view

The calendar view allows you to quickly check when an instance or a set of instances will be running. It also allows you to export this view to an iCal-compatible application.

Start and stop EC2 resources automatically
when you need them

How it works


Subscribe to the Rocket-Steam Console AMI



Launch the CloudFormation template for installation



Open the URL provided by the CloudFormation template and follow the instructions



Navigate to the Scheduler tool
and start defining your rules



From now on you will only pay for what you need without even thinking.

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